Welcome to my learning log for the OCA course “People and Place”.

You will find links to the components of the course on the menu bar at the top where you will be able to see my efforts with the exercises, assignments, and research.

My main priority in undertaking OCA Photography courses is to be able to take better pictures of the fantastic scenery that surrounds me and also to improve the photographs that I take during my travels, especially landscapes and architecture, but of course also of my travelling companions and the people I meet.

Having completed The Art of Photography level 1 course at the end of 2014 I am now undertaking the People and Place course.   (Material related to The Art of Photography course can be found under the Archive tab in the menu bar above.)

My philosophical approach to photography is to aim to take a really good photograph rather than to take a photograph and edit it significantly in Photoshop. The Art of Photography course has taught me to be less sniffy about post processing; however I still prefer to limit the amount of digital wizardry that I apply to my images once they are captured.

Cheers, Sharon

Please note:

None of the images featured on this blog can be reproduced without my permission.

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